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Healthy Souls International, Inc.


  • Covid-19 Grocery program– We need donations of food and toiletriesWe stay open every Tuesday evening in hopes we will receive many needed items in our food drive. This is where we collect, sanitize, sort, and pack our grocery bags. We need items such as easy prep meals, canned meals, dry meals, rice, beans, soups, pasta, spaghetti sauce, produce, fruit cups, apple sauce, peanut butter, jelly, canned meats (Vienna sausages, chicken, tuna), mac-n-cheese, oatmeal, cereal, bread, eggs, toilet paper, Kleenex, paper bags, quart size bags, pet foods (cat and dog), and LOW SODIUM & LOW SUGAR ITEMS FOR OUR SENIORS.  
  • Disaster Relief Program. One of our greatest needs is a box truck with lift gate and a pallet jack. We have lost out on thousands of pounds of food donations because we did not have a truck large enough to retrieve the pallets of food. We have also spent thousands of dollars renting trucks to deliver aid when a disaster impacts a community and leaves it in a state of disorder.
  • General Funding. We are consistently fundraising for rent, lights, supplies, fuel, office supplies, travel expenses, pest control, communications, etc. 
  • Volunteers. As people are returning to work, our volunteer pool dwindles. We need VOLUNTEERS for food drives, packaging, and delivering. 
  • Holiday program– We need donations of food and gifts. Majority of our clients are seniors. We would like to deliver them Thanksgiving meals, Christmas Eve dinner and stockings with small gifts. 

How You Can Get Involved

Call 386-256-1496 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Training Programs

We offer training to our volunteers who then carry out the mission of training people in less developed parts of the world to prepare for disasters.

Sponsors Program

Want to help advance our mission but don’t have time to be a volunteer? We need resources. Find out more about being one of our critical sponsors. 

Healthy Hearts

In our effort to bring health and aid to all parts of the world, dance can be one thing that unites us. Join us for a Cardio Drumming or Zumba class. 

Our Vision

We dispatch on-the-ready, highly-trained disaster recovery teams and resources to global Emergency Operations Centers and systems as the premier, trusted disaster relief partner to leaders, first responders, and the communities they support.

Our Values

·         We demonstrate Christian fellowship through promoting peace, compassion, and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

·         We are servant leaders who support, develop, and serve the people around us without self-interest or expectation of personal gain. 

·         We embrace the beauty and diversity of all God’s people; this is reflected in who we hire and who we serve.

·         Our integrity is evidenced by honoring our commitments and being excellent stewards of our resources.

·         We perform our services as a complement to existing resources in communities around the world. 

·         We equip those communities to live healthy lives and empower them to work together during catastrophes.

    Ongoing Causes

    Unfortunately there are natural and man-made disasters happening all over the globe at any given time. Our goal is to help prepare as many regions and communities as possible before a disaster occurs however, we will always strive to be on-site during and immediately following a catastrophe. Here are some of the communities we are impacting right now.

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    We started planning in March how we can help seniors or individuals who are the most vulnerable if exposed to the coronavirus. We have already delivered over 45,000 meals, personal hygiene products, & toilet paper in our grocery bags. 

    1000+ Hours Donated

    Puerto Rico Earthquakes

    On January 7th a 6.4 magnitude earthquake brought Puerto Rico to its knees. Healthy Souls has boots on the ground working with other organizations for relief. 

    1000+ Hours Donated

    Hurricane Dorian

    We are still providing disaster relief and aid to several areas of the Bahamas. This entire community was devastated in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

    1000+ Hours Donated

    Get Involved. Stay Informed.

    2330 S. Nova Rd #4, South Daytona, FL, 32119

    Call Us: (386) 679-1359

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